Such a Pretty Rebel: Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette Swatches and Review

I finally got my hands on the Too Faced “Pretty Rebel” palette (Thanks fam for all the Sephora giftcards!). 

This is definitely the most gorgeous palette I’ve purchased in a while. The top row holds the “Pretty” shades while the bottom row holds the “Rebel” shades.  There are two matte shades “Dainty” and “Charming”. The rest are shimmer and “Girly” is even a green-brown duochrome. 

Dainty, Charming, Girly, Totally Fetch, Miss Sparkles
Ringleader, Gangsta, Instigator, Badass, Jailbird
These are the first eyeshadows I’ve ever tried from Too Faced and I must say I’m definitely impressed. They are all so smooth, easy to blend, and very pigmented. #winners
My faves from this palette are definitely “Girly”, I’ve been wanting a duchrome shadow for the longest, “Totally Fetch”, pretty sure that’s a “Mean Girls” shoutout “On Wednesdays we wear pink!”, and “Instigator”, this rich antiqued gold is unlike any other I have. 

Available at Sephora for $46

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