Comparison: Stilazzi Barbados Blush Palette vs. NARS Wanted II Blush Palette

We all know I love a good blush, especially a warm toned blush. So of course when NARS dropped the Wanted II a few months ago I was all over it. Fast Forward to about two weeks ago when I peeped the Stilazzi Barbados palette on instagram, HAD TO HAVE IT. Lost in all my excitement, I didn’t really realize how similar they were until they were both sitting in my lap.
LOL makeup hoarder problems.

The Stilazzi Barbados palette is literally HALF the price ($29) of the NARS Wanted II palette ($59). Honestly, after swatching them both I’m a little mad at myself that I bought the NARS palette. The Stilazzi palette is so rich and pigmented while the NARS is beautiful but much more subtle in it’s shades and pigmentation. Check them out below and let me know what you think!