“Ghost Designing” with Steve Madden and Mossimo?

We all know that I’m always here for a good beauty dupe, but what about a fashion dupe?
It depends, I love “inspired” pieces but true forgeries or “knock offs” not my thing.So while browsing my favorite store, Target, for some back to school pieces I came across quite a few shoes that are basically identical to some Steve Madden shoes I had been eyeing.

Heeled Combat Boot

Mossimo “Easton” vs. Steve Madden “Noodless”

Quilted Sneaker

Mossimo “Alisha” vs. Steve Madden “Decaf”

Leather Espadrille

Mossimo “Maelys” vs. Steve Madden “Choppur”

But I actually don’t think it’s a coincidence that Target has nearly identical shoes to Steve Madden. Target just launched a new shoe collection for girls, “Stevies”, which is “designed” by Steve Madden’s daughter. The Stevies line even features a combat boot and a quilted sneaker that look exactly like the adult versions above. My guess is that the two brands knowingly share designers and designs. Initially I wasn’t sure what to think, but after mulling it over I’m kind of here for it. I can get trendy shoes I’ll probably only wear for one or two season without a hefty price tag. Sounds like a win for me!


What do you think? 

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