Experience: Getting Naked at Wi Spa

This post is LONG overdue but forgive me, life has been super busy. I’ve been wanting to try and authentic Korean spa every since I learned about them but unfortunately there are none where I live. While in Los Angeles a few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Wi Spa in Koreatown.


Photo- Wi Spa

So the Korean spa experience i unlike any other spas I’ve been to, first off, this place is huge. There are several floors all with different things to do like gyms, reading areas, computers, a restaurant, a rooftop lounge, co-ed jimjilbang, saunas, men’s & women’s spas, and probably more that I’m forgetting about.

The spa provides you with a tee and short set to wear in all of the co-ed areas of the spa. I made it my first mission to try all of Wi’s Signature Saunas, Salt, Clay, Jade, Ice and Bulgama, all have different detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits. My favorites were the salt and the jade, I swear I could feel the energy of the minerals radiating in the heat.

Next up I visited the Women’s spa area to prep for my treatment. Now in the spa area you’ve got to say goodbye to your cute little short set and be ready to bare it all. All I could think about before heading in was how not relaxing it would be to be walking around naked amongst all of the super fit LA body types 😁. As someone who likes to think they’re pretty confident, I will admit I was a little shook. After stripping down and showering I realized that basically no one was paying any attention to me, fat girl crisis averted. I also realized that not everyone in the spa was a Victoria Secret model as I had assumed they would be, there were women of all ages and sizes, just hanging out naked in hot tubs together. So yes, sitting naked in boiling water with other naked women, started off unsettling but became surprisingly liberating after I got out of my own head.

Lastly, I got to what I really came for, my full body scrub. The body buff is a traditional Korean technique which employs full body exfoliating techniques to lift impurities and dead skin, while naturally boosting your blood circulation, leaving you with healthier, brighter skin. I was called back from the hot tub, by an old Korean lady in black lace underwear, to lay on a plastic table and have my entire body scrubbed. Now this sounds like it would be incredibly awkward but I LOVED it. She scrubbed and exfoliated every crevice on my body in about 30 minutes, it was glorious. I honestly felt like a brand new person afterwards, my skin was so soft and silky.

The best thing about this whole experience was that, it’s incredibly affordable. I only spent $50, which included access to all of the facilities and my full body scrub. I wish that there as a Korean spa in Michigan because I would make it a weekly tradition. As temperatures plummet into winter, I’m dreaming of another trip to LA and another one of those scrubs.