It’s a Vibe: Honey & Petals Your Sweetest Summer Collection ๐Ÿฏ๐ŸŒธ

Honey & Petals is back at it again! I’ve raved about their skincare products before so click HERE to read my full review, if you’re interested.

The butters themselves are the same as the one I previously reviewed and LOVED but the scents are brand new, Notorious F.I.G. & Call Me Peaches.

NOTORIOUS F.I.G a black girl magic blend of vanilla cream & sweet deep fig

CALL ME PEACHES be the girl he likes with fresh cut peaches and cream

“Notorious F.I.G.” really had me at the name tbh. It smells like a more expensive version of a Bath and Body Works fig fragrance that I loved in high school. Sweet and bright with a touch of a soft cream.

I don’t know if “Call me Peaches” was meant to be an homage to the iconic Peaches of It’s a Low Down Dirty Shame, but it is to me!


It smells like peaches and sweet cream but not in a cheap candy baby hooker way.

These scents are giving me the perfect summer vibe even though the weather here isn’t matching it. You can find me somewhere looking and smelling like a snack all summer long!

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