Whew! University of Michigan EnspiRED Fashion Show

I know. I know. It’s been sooo long since I’ve been able to blog. My personal life has been cray! between Work, family, boyfriend, && grad school applications, I’m beat.  I’m also in the process of moving and had to pack up all of my cosmetics :-((( for the next few weeks so you probably wont be seeing any new looks anytime soon. I’ve got a few small hauls I need to post but I’m a slacker so hey. 
Anywho on to the point, last month I unexpectedly had the privilege of doing makeup for the EnspiRED Fashion Show at the University of Michigan. I had a really good time but didn’t get to take a lot of pictures for the blog because I had to do 38 girls in 11 hours BY MYSELF! ONE MUA! ONE BRUSH! BY MYSELF! **Kevin Hart voice** It was a ton of work, I was super tired & covered in glitter by the end of the day but it was an awesome experience. I’ve done big shows before but I usually work with other MUAs but due to some last minute conflicts I was the only MUA that could make it to the show. I’ve never worked on so many different faces in one day && it definitely was a learning experience for me! 
Luckily they hired an awesome photographer and I was able to get a few shots of the ladies! 
(all pics taken by Infinitus Productions