Kitchen Beautician: Super Easy Lip & Face Scrub

I just got home today from a long weekend of shopping, drinking, and falling asleep with my makeup on (eek!) in Chicago. Along with some new clothes and fancy nail goodies (I’ll post on those later) I came home with some of the flakiest chapped lips I’ve ever experienced! EW! Thank you freezing cold Chicago Winds. There was literally not enough EOS lip balm in the world to protect these lips. Needless to say my lips needed a lil TLC to restore them to their soft, juicy glory. In a tiny bowl I mixed;

1 teaspoon of honey
~ 2.5 teaspoons of sugar

and began rubbing it all over my dried out lips. The honey works as a humectant to draw moisture to the skin & the sugar is a natrual gentle exfolliant && It tastes delicious :-P. I realized I had made way more than I needed and spread the mix all over my dry face gently rubbing it in. After getting in the shower I continued to gently scrub my lips and face with wet hands until the sugar dissolved.

When I got out the shower BBAABBYY my face was beaming like a brand new penny && my lips are back to their usual softness! Next time i think ill add a touch of olive oil for a little extra slip. Who says you need fancy, expensive products for great results? I love making my food into beauty products.

What are some of your favorite DIY mixes??