#MichelleAmandaGetsFit: Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor with Polar Beat Review and Non-scale Victories

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I’ve had my Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor for about two weeks and I’m in love with it. My favorite thing about this HRS is that the strap communicates via bluetooth with several devices. Polar offers a few watches and activity trackers that it can be used with but I chose to use it on my phone with the Polar Beat app. It’s way more convenient for me because I always have my phone when I work out anyway. 
The H7 HRS is comfortable to wear and I haven’t had any problems with it not picking up my heart rate accurately while working out or with connecting to my phone. The Polar Beat app is also pretty cool because it gives you a lot of information about your workout and records other things like distance, calories burned, mood, for each session and weekly. The app also syncs with the a number of other fitness and health apps. The only feature that I haven’t tried yet is the distance feature for running and biking. I’ve only done indoor workouts since I’ve gotten it so I’m not sure how accurate the distance recording is.  
One of my weekly summary’s on the Polar Beat app. 

The session analysis shows the time spent in each heart rate zone and your heart rate throughout the whole workout. 
The session summary shows time, calories burned, average heart rate, and allows you to record your mood after each workout. You are also able to share your summaries via your Twitter or Facebook. 
I’m about three weeks into my fitness journey and I’m only down about 3lbs. Although my weight has not changed much yet I have been able to notice several “non-scale victories”. Even though I love weight lifting and hate cardio, I still force myself to do some cardio every workout and I’ve noticed that it’s finally getting easier and I don’t feel like dying every time now. I’ve lost some body fat and gained muscle from lifting. I’ve lost inches off my waist and my booty is looking everyday thanks to all the squats and lunges! Overall I’m trying to worry less about what my scale says, which can be discouraging, and worry more about how my body looks and feels everyday. 
I think it’s working!