QOTD: Are Unauthorized Beauty Retailers A Big Deal?

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I went perusing through my local CVS today and was shocked when I noticed that they had added several new high end lines to their shelves. Of course I headed over to my Instagram to share my find with the world…
… only to receive and interesting response from Murad
Of course I ran to my good friend Google to see what the deal was with CVS distributing high end skin care products as an unauthorized retailer and found that Murad has actually filed a lawsuit against CVS for selling their products according to BusinessWire.com.

Murad Inc., the skincare brand synonymous with high-performance, science-based products, has filed an unfair business practices lawsuit against CVS, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, for the unauthorized selling of diverted and defaced Murad products in CVS stores and on CVS.com. In the lawsuit, it is alleged that because CVS has no authorized relationship with Murad, CVS secretly diverts Murad products from unknown sources in order to sell Murad’s highly sought-after products in CVS stores and on CVS.com.

In the lawsuit, Murad alleges that many of the products sold by CVS have been defaced, meaning they have been stripped of Murad’s quality-control tracking features, such as hologram protection seals and unique batch codes. Like many other high-quality skincare companies, Murad uses tracking features to help prevent tampering and protect the public from counterfeit goods, health risks and other potentially serious harms”.

Upon doing a little more digging I found that CVS (or CVS.com) is not listed as an “Authorized Retailer” for Murad, Dermalogica, or Peter Thomas Roth.
So how do you feel about big retailers like CVS selling unauthorized products on their shelves with no warnings to customers?
Personally, I think i’ll stick to making my high end skincare purchases at Ulta or Sephora. I don’t see the point in buying from an unauthorized retailer for the same price as an authorized retailer and without the guarantee from the manufacturer. It also seems unethical, I’d expect this on Amazon or Ebay but not from a bigger retailer, although I know CVS is not the only one that does this. I doubt that the products are actually harmful or counterfeit but you never know and I’d rather not take the risk with my face! 
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