Kitchen Beautician: DIY Healthy Edge Control

Want smooth edges but don’t want to end up looking like this?
Welcome to the Black girl’s struggle. lol. But seriously so many methods that are used to get smooth edges such as excessive tension, high heat, and harsh gels can leave you with a less than desirable hairline over time. 
Try a simple mix of:
2 parts Aloe Vera gel
to gently smooth hair down AND help to keep those edges thick and healthy! The Aloe Vera gel helps to moisturize the hair and provides a light hold. I prefer “Fruit of the Earth” brand because it’s a little thicker and less runny than others. JBCO has also been shown to strengthen and help to REGROW hair. So if your edges are already showing signs of chemical or traction Alopecia this mix can help to restore them. 
I used this mix to smooth my edges when I was wearing twists and box braids earlier this year. I LOVE that I can use it pretty much daily with out any build up or flaking like I get with ecostyler. I also plan on using it all week as I will be “bunning” as my protective style until I can get to someone else to braid my hair. My twists were slipping like crazy, had to let them go (RIP lil homies). Anywho, I just add a little of this mix to my edge smooth into a bun and tie with a scarf until I’m dressed and ready to go. Did it this morning && my edges were like butter baby!