What to Wear: On The Run Tour

If you, like me, were lucky enough to score tickets to one of the biggest tours of the summer, ON THE RUN with Beyonce & Jay-Z, then I’m sure you’re also wondering what in heck you’re going to wear!
I’ve got less than a month (I’m going to the Chicago show) and I have no clue! So I put together a few Beyonce inspired options to help get my creative fashion juices flowing! 


First up we have the “Outlaw Chick” look, the star of this outfit is clearly Brooke and The City’s newly released JayxBey Loyalty is Vintage tee. I want to keep it fun and summer with studded sunnies, cute shorts and gold jewelry but also functional hence the backpack, and flat gladiators. Y’all wont catch me falling down the stadium stairs trying to be cute in some heels! 

Moving on to the “Fine Feminist”, I want to keep it simple, comfy, and cute in boyfriend jeans and cheeky tee, and gold holographic flats. Tie a flannel around my waist and pop on some cute sunnies and I’ll be good to go. 


Lastly, the classiest option I could come up with “Thuggin”. I was definitely inspired by Beyonce’s outfit in the elevator/bank robbery scene of the On The Run trailer, pairing a white blazer with a white lace crop. Once again I have to keep it functional yet cute with the jeans and flat sandals. All rose gold accessories because what’s classier than rose gold? 
Are y’all as excited as I am yet?!? 
Which outfit is your fave because I still don’t know what I’m wearing?

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