Hair in a Bond:Super Bond Tube Vs Bottle Glue War

If you wear extensions you may heard of hair glue. A unique form ideal for the temporary hold in hair bonding. The glue is a liquid form that keeps bonds between the weft & natural hair to give the hair illusion of l e n g t h, VOLUME, & versatility. It is a quick way to apply hair extensions in a hurry!

The [product] I use:
Salon Pro Exclusive: Anti-Fungus Hair Bonding Glue

You can find this hair bond at your local beauty supply store, Sally’s, Walmart,& Walgreen’s. I have been using the product for years if I decide to wear a few hair pieces or even a quick weave. I will even use Salon Pro Exclusive for ponytails. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why is she talking about hair glue like it is so special?” Well, guess what they finally have the glue in a tube!

(okay! somebody needs a tan!)

I love the new easy use tube that Salon Pro Exclusive comes in. It makes it easier for quick application with the cute little nozzle allowing less glue to coat the weft of the hair. The NEW Salon Pro Exclusive tube 1.5 FL Oz.  is convenient for your purse, your car, traveling bag, and on the go hair accidents.

However, I still love the Salon Pro Exclusive bottle 4 FL Oz. for the large amount of glue in the bottle as well as the bottle giving me more control to the amount of glue coming out the bottle. Plus, I have been using it for years so I do not see why stop now.


Who Wins? Both PARTIES!

Rather in a bottle or tube the Salon Pro Exclusive: Anti-Fungus Hair Bonding Glue is still a great product for quick and safe application.