Swatched: OCC Makeup Glitters Scarab, Beige & Lemarchand

I’ve recently become somewhat of a glitter junkie, so when I saw pictures of OCC Makeup’s holiday glitter “Scarab” I knew I had to have it!

So when OCC had their 25% off holiday sale, I snagged Scarab and Beige glitters and Lemarchand pigment. These glitters and even the pigment are super shiny and reflective which makes them almost impossible to photograph with my camera, but I think you get the idea. Scarab has an insane orange-bronze-green shift. The shift is hard to capture in the swatch but you can see it more on my eyes above. Beige is simply that, a beige glitter. Lemarchand is a coppery gold pigment, that’s super high shine. 

Scarab, Beige, Lemarchand swatched over NYX Glitter Primer

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