Break Away: Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit
What it is: 
A limited-edition multipiece kit inspired by the traits of each Divergent faction from the worldwide bestseller, Divergent, now a major motion picture. 

What it does: 
Divergent—what makes you different makes you dangerous. This enormous multipiece kit allows you to be brave, selfless, intelligent, honest, and kind all at once. Each of the three eye shadow palettes contains four coordinating High Pigment Eye Shadows plus one High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadow to draw immediate attention to the eyes. The High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows impart a shimmery, diamond-like reflection that is transparent when applied dry and translucent when applied wet. Mix and match the shades to achieve a unique look every time. The kit also includes a cheek palette with two Long-Wear Blushes, Shimmering Bronzer, and Radiant Glow Illuminator. Four High Shine Lip Glosses round out each faction’s look. Use the double-ended eye and cheek brush and the included Get-the-look cards to choose your faction and proclaim your loyalty. 

This Set Contains: 
– 12 x 0.059 oz High Pigment Eye Shadows in Burnt Mahogany, Radiant Initiation, Peaceful Shimmer, Humble Sheen, Dauntless Ink, Abnegation Stone, Erudite Sapphire, Serene Vanilla, Bold Espresso, Intrepid Moss, Golden Honesty, Altruistic Almond 
– 3 x 0.059 oz High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows in Choose, Diverge, Transform 
– 2 x 0.11 oz. Long-Wear Blush in Obscure Coral, Misty Rose 
– 0.11 oz. Shimmering Bronzer in Intelligent Bronze 
– 0.11 oz. Radiant Glow Illuminator in Gleaming Pearl 
– 4 x 0.13 oz. High-Shine Lip Glosses in Temptation’s Choice, Fear Not, Supreme Ritual, Natural Virtue 
– Double-ended eye and cheek brush 
– 3 x Get-the-Look cards 
(via Sephora)
Double Ended Brush
This brush is surprisingly soft, as brushes that come in kits are usually not very good in my opinion. I might have preferred a flatter eyeshadow brush as opposed to a fluffy one but it gets the job done regardless. 
Cheek Palette
These two blushes both look nice on my skin tone and apply and blend easily with the included brush. Obscure Coral contains some gold shimmer while Misty Rose is matte. Gleaming Pearl can look a little scary and super white in the pan but it’s actually a lovely gold highlight reminiscent of NARS Albatross or Sephora’s Microsmooth Highlighter. Intelligent Bronze is pretty much the same color as my brown skin but it does have a very faint gold shimmer. 

Dauntless Eye Palette
 Dauntless is the boldest of the three eye palettes and has great colors for creating a smokey look. Diverge is my favorite of the removable “transforming” shadows. It had the most pigment of the three and a unique blackened moss color. 

Erudite Eye Palette
Erudite consists of warm tones neutrals. Peaceful Shimmer is definitely my favorite out of this palette, I think it looks great all over the lid. 

Abnegation Eye Palette
Abnegation consists of more cool toned neutrals all of which are very pigmented. 

High Shine Lip Glosses
Fear not, Natural Virtue, Temptation’s Choice, Supreme Ritual
I love the packaging on these little glosses they remind me of the Hourglass lip glosses. There are two shimmers and two creams. All of which are fairly sheer and neutral. They don’t do much on my pigmented lips but they look good over lipstick. 

Honestly I ordered this palette on a whim, I hadn’t even read the book lol, with pretty low expectations due to the $59.50 price tag. I just knew it was going to be a bunch of pretty packaging with mediocre product. I WAS SO WRONG! The blushes and eyeshadows are very pigmented with a good blend of mattes and shimmers. The “transforming” shadows almost remind me of pressed glitters, and look good dusted over the eyeshadows with the fluffy eye brush included with the kit.

This kit is definitely a great value for what is included. Although it is currently sold out on it should be available in stores very soon. It’s limited edition so don’t wait too long to find it! This would be great gift for any Divergent fan or makeup lover.

I read the first book in the Divergent Trilogy this weekend, mostly because I bought this kit and I want to see the movie when it comes out on March 21st. I enjoyed it and am actually interested in reading the rest of the series.

Are you a Divergent fan? Which palette is your favorite?

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