Road Trippin: Toronto

It seems like I’m always planning a trip somewhere but I really can’t help myself. Over Memorial Day my brother and I decided to take a weekend road trip to Toronto. We both had never been and he recently got his first passport (thanks to me 😏) so why not?

Also a quick PSA: packing your bags with two small children running around driving you crazy will make you forget your camera and want to die with regret when you realize it AFTER you’ve already crossed the border. Michelle did it so you don’t have to. 

It’s the 150th anniversary of Canada, who knew?

So I’m not going to say I drove all the way to another country for these Aldo sandals… but I kind of did. I saw these in my local Aldo store the week before my trip but of course they were sold out in my size AND online 😢. So of course when I got to Toronto I went to the Eaton Centre Mall, which is HUGE, and they had my size in stock so I had to buy them!! Honestly I could have spent the whole day in Eaton Centre if it wouldn’t have been torture for my brother.

Speaking of torturing my brother, Toronto has quite a few beauty boutiques that I couldn’t resist stopping into.

I visited the Lip Lab by BITE Beauty on Queens West. They carry pretty much all of BITE’s beauty product and you can make your own custom lipstick. It looks really fun and I definitely plan to make an appointment to make my own lipstick next time I’m in Toronto.

Not far down the street from the BITE Beauty Lip Lab is another gem, a Deciem boutique. For those of you who don’t know (but really how could you not?) Deciem is the parent company of The Ordinary and lots of other skin and hair care brands. The store is really cute and minimal. I picked up two skincare products from The Ordinary, that I’ll be reviewing soon. I really wanted to get my hands on their two foundations but they were sold out in my shade.

Same AF 😂

Don’t worry I didn’t just drag my brother beauty shopping with me all weekend. He got me right back by dragging me to the grand opening of the Jordan brand store. One of the employees told me that people camped out outside of the store for days for the grand opening, it was surprisingly dope, but I would NEVER. lol

FYI: I will find tacos in every city I go to! These shrimp tacos courtesy of El Caballito. I also had a churro ice cream sandwich that was LIFE!

A few things that I noticed that Torotonians seem to love: 
1. Coffee- there’s literally a cute coffee shop on every corner
2. Dogs- EVERYONE had a dog and they walked them literally everywhere
3. Wine- See coffee shops above
4. Athleisure- Toronto might have invented the athleisure trend 
5. Foreign Cars- cuz why the fuck not?!?

So basically Toronto is the perfect city for me. Oh wait and I almost forgot to mention that all the men are FINE! 😍 I’m going back to get married tbh.
I really loved my time in TO obviously. There’s so much I didn’t get to see and experience because it was such a quick trip. It’s such a beautiful city with diverse people and a super chill vibe. Next time I won’t forget my camera!