Review: Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Candlelight and Sunlight

Cover FX is all about creating a custom look just for you and recently expanded their collection to include some truely stunning highlighters, Custom Enhancer Drops. We all know I’m a certified Glow Heaux so I couldn’t resist these. I picked up “Candlelight”, a shimmering golden bronze, and “Sunlight”, a soft golden glow. They seemed like the best shades for brown skin but I’ve still got my eye on “Moonlight”.


These highlighters are so good they remind me of liquid metal. They come in a dropper bottle which I don’t love but I can live with because the product is so good. You need less than a drop to highlight the high points of your face, the drop I have in the picture is way too much. They’re expensive at $42 each but the bottle is going to last forever.

The drops are really thin and blend in beautifully on top of foundation. My favorite method of application that I’ve found is to use a small but fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Setting Brush or the Japonesque Highlighting Brush and lightly bend it onto the high points of your face. DO NOT try to dot this on with your finger and then blend out, they’re way too pigmented and you will look insane, trust me #lookinglikeafoolsoyoudonthaveto! The drops set nicely after blending and don’t budge. I was out catching Pokemon in 80 degree weather (judge me!) and my highlight was still popping at the end of the day. You can also mix the drops with your favorite foundation or body lotion for an all over glow.

I HIGHLY recommend snagging a bottle of these highlighting drops when Sephora restocks!


It’s hard to catch how reflective these are in pictures, my swatches were taken outdoors in indirect sunlight, but the glow is real.