Cost Analysis: Indie Highlighters

It seems like every single day I’m scrolling through Instagram and another brand is releasing a new highlighter collection. We all know I love highlighters but even I must admit that the market is starting to feel a bit oversaturated. Within the last month alone Dose of Colors, Coloured Raine, and melt cosmetics, and Ofra have released new highlighters. #overwhelming. While they’re all beautiful there’s bound to be dupes between brands, you really just don’t need them all!

There’s only so many colors that look good blinging off the cheeks. Ya feel me?

So today I’m bringing you a cost analysis of some of the most popular brands of indie highlighters that I see frequently on IG. I think it’s important to look past the hype and figure out what we’re really getting for our money and whats worth it.

In my breakdown I focused on pressed highlighters that were available as singles (except one). The comparison starts to get really messy when you factor in “loose vs pressed” and “singles vs palettes” and I really wanted to start with something simple.

As you can see I threw in two highlighters that aren’t from indie brands, Laura Mercier (owned by Shiseido) and BECCA (owned by Estee Lauder) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator which technically is an indie brand but it’s so widely available that it’s really crossed over into that mid-range category. I really wanted to see how the indies compared to some of the most popular brands that we can get in stores.

Coming out as the cheapest $/gram is by no surprise Colour Pop! Their Pressed Powder Duo which comes with a blush and a highlighter for $16 and 16g of product total. While I focused the breakdown on single highlighters, I included the duo because it was so affordable and the additional blush didn’t change the $/g.  Interestingly you get almost double the amount of product that you get in their Super Shock Highlighters, for a similar price point. I really hope they expand their Pressed Powder Highlighter line and make them available as individuals.

Anything that surprised you on the list? If you me on twitter you would know that I damn near died when I found out melt cosmetics new highlighters were $39 😵, but looking at the cost breakdown they’re really only a tiny bit more expensive than my fave BECCA so maybe I’ll feel less guilty if I buy one now.

Another thing to note, a lot of these brands have coupon codes given to influencers ranging from 10-30% off or frequently have sales and bundle deals. I didn’t factor any of those things into the price breakdown because they are always changing, and some people choose not to use them anyway. Any discount would obviously change the $/gram and make the product a better value! 

Are there any brands you would like to see added to the list? Other products you’d like to see a cost analysis of? Let me know in the comments below!