Coming Soon: Skin Fetish 003 from Pat McGrath

The legendary Pat McGrath has been teasing us with super exclusive limited edition releases from her very own makeup line for the last few months.

I haven’t bothered to fight with the masses for the last two releases but I think I’m going to take the plunge this time around for the “Skin Fetish 003” release.

Skin Fetish 003 is a highlighting kit that can be used to get Pat’s signature glowy skin look. It includes a gel-powder pigment, a double ended cream highlighter & balm duo, and a Japanese crafted blending brush. The kit comes in two shades Golden and Nude.

Pat McGrath even gives us a nice application guide on how this set can be used. 

Turn your skin on! Experiment to achieve a range of exquisite effects, from bare, dewy divinity to stunning luminosity beyond the spectrum.

ACCENTUATE Swipe balm alone onto high points of skin for that fresh, editorial glow. Flip the stick and use highlighter solo to elevate your bone structure.

AMPLIFY Take it to the next level. Apply highlighter, followed by balm pressed on top for runway radiance.

TRANSCEND Go all the way. Buff the pigment over the Shiny Stick duo for an aliengelic gleam of otherworldly opulence.

Lavish light anywhere on the face and body. Add sumptuous sheen to eyelids and lips. Brighten brow bones, corners of eyes. Dramatize décolletage. Glorify shoulders.


Version: Golden
Fine Gold 003 pigment 0.14 oz.
Golden Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo 0.26 oz.
Buffer 003 brush


Version: Nude
Iridescent Pink 003 pigment 0.14 oz.
Nude Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo 0.26 oz.
Buffer 003 brush

Hopefully these kits will be a little easier to get a hold of than previous releases as they’ll be available on on April 26th AND at Sephora on May 10th for $72!

The sales page is actually already live on so click HERE to sign up to get an email update the second they are available because I guarantee you they WILL sell out!