How to Take Care of Your Beautiful Color-Treated Mane

Hair coloring could be achieve in multiple methods performed by a colorist or professional cosmetologist. When you are receiving an hair coloring service you are allowing your natural hair to go through a chemical process. Color-treated hair should be handled with proper maintenance. Here goes a few of my recommendations to proper maintenance for color-treated hair.

 1. If you are using hair coloring products you should limit your straightening and perm products. I know that most women are concerned with using relaxers to straighten their mane but using multiple products could result in over-process hair. If you must continue to relax or perm your mane I consider that you wait at least 2 or 3 weeks before applying a color service to reduce breakage.

2. You would like to use a good conditioner. A moisturizing conditioner would allow the hair to gain moisture and soften.

 3. Avoid the sun as much as possible with a hat. Sun exposure can allow your mane to get dry, frizzy, and unmanageable.

 4. A wide tooth comb can decrease tangles and stress to the hair strands while wet.

5. Make sure to use shampoo formulated for color-treated hair. If you have to shampoo your hair everyday make sure to shampoo it only once. I know that you would hate to dry out your hair.

6. Try to use as little heating appliances like rollers, pressing combs, and curlers as possible. The less heat, the better to reduce frizz, split ends, and damaged hair.

 7. Trim your ends every five to six weeks to avoid split ends. There is no point waiting for your hair to grow out if your hair appears to have split ends. The split ends will continue to grow up the hair strand toward the hair root.

8. Use a deep conditioner or aromatherapy hair treatment once a month.