Shampoo Care: The Weave Edition

Just like many women would say “I love my weave!” My extensions are apart of my everyday appearance. I wear extensions to add VOLUME, l e n g t h, & vErsAtiLity.

Nothing is wrong with adding additional hair to compliment hairstyles such as ponytails, sew-in method, hair bonding method, clip-ins, & fantasy hair-do’s. Just like your natural hair you should keep your weave free from residue, smell, & frizz. Hair will tangle when dirt, residue, & sweat builds up so here goes a few tips from me that I use to save myself from a “weave nightmare”.

Steps that I would usually take to save my hair extensions:
1. Detangle your extensions starting from the bottom and work your way up.
2. Shampoo the extensions in a downward position.
3. Use a leave-in condition. DO NOT use a large amount to avoid weighting down your extensions.
4. After shampoo & condition dry the extensions naturally.
5. After cleaning the hair, just think “less heat save weave.”