My Purple Hair Confessions with Beshe “Drew”

I have a confession to make. My purple hair that EVERYONE loved at Lollapalooza earlier this month… was NOT MY HAIR! lol I wanted something fun, easy and protective to wear while partying it up at Lollapalooza this year so I picked up a wig from I’d been eyeing for a while, the natural hair community cult classic, Beshe “Drew” in a 1B/Purple. If you’ve ever been to Lolla you’d know that my natural for just would not have lasted, too much heat, sweat, and humidity. 

This wig features a pretty standard lace front, adjustable straps, and combs inside. The standout feature is obviously the color. I love how the 1B hair and purple hair was mixed together throughout that the purple wasn’t completely overwhelming and super fake looking. 

I simply finger combed and fluffed the wig with my fingers, applied a little concealer to the parting and wore it just slightly behind my hair line to make it look even more natural. I was surprised by how many compliments I got on my hair over the weekend and how many people actually thought it was mine. The wig held up great throughout the wild weekend and is still wearable. 
I think I’m in love with Drew! I actually want to buy another in a plain 1b to wear on my bad hair days and save the 1b/purple for my crazy weekends. 

Buy one for yourself at Elevate Styles or Hair Wig Harlem