Black Friday Haul: Bdellium 12pc Maestro Set w/ Roll

The professional grade comprehensive basic 12 piece brush set is the perfect brush set for flawless makeup application. Each brush is made of premium quality fibers with a nickel-plated brass ferrule and luxuriously lacquered black wood handle for ultimate style and comfort. Included is a roll-up makeup train storage pouch, which approximately measures 21 x 9.5 inches (54 x 24 cm) excluding the flap, to protect and carry the brushes in this set. The exterior is a classic black color and the inside is a complementing warm brown color. 
Brushes included in this set are: #980M Natural Powder, #964M All-Purpose Blusher, #955M Finishing, #948M Foundation, #942M Slanted Contour, #785M Tapered Blending, #780M Pencil, #778M Large Shadow, #772M Small Shader, #763M Angled Brow, #710M Eye Liner, and #540M Precision Liner.
Bdellium Tools Maestro series brushes are hand-crafted beauty tools made of first-rate superior quality material. The major difference between the Maestro series and the Studio line is the handle color and the material used for the ferrule, which is more shiny, durable and stronger than the anodized aluminum ferrule used in the Studio Line. Therefore, the Maestro series is a more luxurious professional grade line of tools. All of the Maestro series brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles.

#980M Natural Powder

#955M Finishing Brush
I love how dense the bristles of this brush but I don’t think the bristles are not stiff enough for me to use it to apply foundation. I think it would be great for cream blushes though. 

#964M All Purpose Blusher

#980 vs. #964

#948M Foundation
#942M Slanted Contour

#785M Tapered Blending

#778M Large Eyeshadow

#772M Small Shader

#778M vs. #772 

#763M Angled Brow
#780M Pencil
#710M Eye Liner

#540M Precision Lip

I took all of these photos after washing and drying the brushes. They were SOoo soft before washing and stayed that way after as well. I got very minimal shedding while washing these, like 3 bristles total, and I believe they came from the #980 & #964. I did get a little dye rinsing out of the #980 & #964 as well. These brushes feel very sturdy and have a good length to them. I’m really excited to use these more and report back with a full review in a few weeks. 
I ordered mine from Amazon (here) for $103.99.