Back to School Beauty Essentials

1. Eyeshadow Palettes are by far the easiest way to do your makeup on those busy school mornings. Keep it simple and reach for color coordinated shadows in one cute little package! Extra credit if its small enough to fit in your backpack for touch ups at school.
2. Lippies whether you have a signature bold lip color that you rock or your more of a clear lip gloss girl make sure your lips are moisturized and flake free at all times.
3. Blush give your face an instant “wake up call” for those days you’re dragging yourself outta bed just to barely be on time. Reach for a shade thats close to your natural flush and blends easily to keep it fool proof.
4. Mascara can do more for your eyes than a ton of eyeshadow IMO. Reach for a lengthing and volumizing formula to really make your lashes pop and open your eyes. I live for Loreal Voluminous and MUFE Smokey Lash.
5. Nail Polish is a fun and easy way to add some color to your life and it’s always dress code friendly. You can play up your school spirit by using your school colors at games and events or go crazy with the nail art guaranteed to be a conversation starter on the first day of school.
6. Smell Goods let’s face it, it sucks having to be stuck in a little room with 30 people for hours on end. Make your time (&& everyone around you) a little more by always smelling  pretty lol. Use a scented lotion and matching perfume or body splash to make sure your scent lasts throughout the day but dont go overboard you don’t want anyone’s eyes watering.
7. Scarves Feeling tired and lazy but want to look cute? I always reach for cute printed scarf to throw over the most basic tee and jeans. It’s instantly stylish and keeps your neck warm on those chilly fall days.
8. Hand Lotion School hand soap is the DEVIL! It leaves your hands all cracked and dry. not cute. Stash a moisturizing hand lotion in your backpack of purse to keep the crustys at bay.
9. Funky Backpack stand out in the land of plain black Jansports with an unconventional backpack. Try something crazy like leather, prints, or studs to set yourself apart. I’m loving these picks from ASOS right now:

10. Confidence! All the beauty and fashion tips in the world won’t matter if you dont rock them with CONFIDENCE! School can be intimidating but all you have to do is own your look and eff the haters!