Photo Diary: Los Angeles

I’ve been talking about the planning of my trip to LA all summer and after much anticipation finally arrived! I wanted to share some pictures of some of my favorite experiences from my trip.

Funny story that wasn’t so funny at the time: Despite all of my meticulous (read anal) planning I still managed to have a panic inducing crisis before I even landed at LAX. Everything was going so smoothly, I had my bags packed a week in advance, arrived at the airport 1.5 hours early, boarded my flight and settled in to cruise peacefully to LA. Midway through my flight from Detroit to LA I had the shocking realization that I had accidentally left my debit card at home! My stomach damn near fell out my ass. I spent the next two hours doing deep breathing techniques trying not to have a full blown panic attack. Thank god for my friend and mom who were able to calm me down and get me together and figure out how to get me some cash after I landed. crisis averted. The rest of my trip was relatively smooth and relaxing, I was so not ready to come home at the end of the week.

DSC01989 DSC01987 DSC01992DSC01985

I fulfilled one of my life dreams of going to a Harry Potter amusement park. It was so amazing, and the attention to detail was impeccable. We drank Butterbeers, rode a broomstick, and shopped for wands! So much fun.


Spent the day at Venice Beach. There was lots of music, delicious fish tacos, and the smell of weed floating through the air >.< .


I had the most delicious french toast and bottomless mimosas from Off the Vine. Nothing like a boozy brunch.

DSC02009DSC02006 DSC02034 DSC02015 DSC02024

I also go the chance to admire some art at the LACMA. I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted because they were closing earlier than I thought but I still got to experience the Rain Room exhibit and some other interesting pieces.

While I was in LA, I also visited a Korean spa for the first time. I don’t have any pictures for obvious reasons but It was a unique experience that I plan on discussing with you all shortly, so stay tuned!

Another wonderful trip in the books & I’m already planning for the next one!