Life: Back to School, Chicago & My First Air BNB Experience

My life has gone back to craziness in the last few weeks. School is back in session for me and I’m finally in my final year of graduate school! MSW here I come. I’m so ready for graduation, I’m already planning my graduation celebration. 
I also had a chance to take a quick mini trip to Chicago to visit to catch up with friends and doing a little partying. I used to live in Chi Town but I still like to be a little touristy when I visit so I managed to get a few pics from the weekend. 

Of course the first stop I made was back to my “natural habitat” (aka wherever the shopping is). I had to visit the Sephora on State St. because it’s huge and they have literally everything that I can never find in my local stores. 

This custom fragrance oil blending collection from “The Blend” is amazing. I love layering scents so I’ll definitely be picking up a few of these once I narrow down my list. 

Words to live by at H&M

Everyone comes to Chicago for the pizza and hot dogs…. I come for the Bao! It’s not a Chicago trip if I don’t get to Wow Bao at least once. 
I also went to see the new thriller “The Perfect Guy” with my best friend, I had to support black actors and writers. I actually thought it was a pretty good movie too. 
One of the main reasons that I decided to visit Chicago this weekend was to go to the “Grits & Biscuits” party on Saturday night. It’s a big party with a super chill “dirty south” theme. I was too busy “living in the moment” to get any pics at the party & all of my snapchats are long gone. My snapchat name is “Chaliboo” if you want to take a peek at all my other random adventures. 
This video pretty much sums up the overall “Grits & Biscuits” experience. I had a pretty good time, the music was great and the party was packed. I tapped out early at 2am because I’m an old granny but fun nonetheless. 
I also had my first Air BNB experience this weekend. I heard about Air BNB a few years ago but I’ve never used it before. I was a little wary about staying in someone else’s home and with strangers. I’m always worried about things being clean and safe, so I was pleasantly surprised with my overall experience. The room and bathroom were clean, my hosts roommate was super cool and friendly, and the building was very safe and secure. I was impressed and I’ll definitely be using Air BNB again in the future. 
the bean, the lake, ampitheatre
 The view from our Air BNB was AMAZING!
See more pics of the space we rented here
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