• Swatched: Looxi Beauty Highlighters

    Swatched: Looxi Beauty Highlighters

    I’ve heard about the indie brand, Looxi Beauty, for years because of their gorgeous eyeshadows and highlighters. I just recently decided to take the plunge and order some of their highlighters to see what all they hype was about. (L-R) Mimosa, Guilty Pleasure, Bombshell, Creme De La Creme, Divine, Rebel Rose, Honey The first 4 […]

  • #PoppinSkincare2017 GIVEAWAY & Twitter Chat

    #PoppinSkincare2017 GIVEAWAY & Twitter Chat

      Last week I shared my new skincare routine that’s been getting me through the cold weather months. This week I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers, Karen, Taye, Krissy, and Brandy to give you a chance to win some of those products and more. We’re all sharing a few of our personal […]

  • Swatched: Give me Glow #StaplePalette

    Swatched: Give me Glow #StaplePalette

    I’m serious about my plan to explore more indie brands in 2017. I’ve tried Give Me Glow Cosmetics liquid lipsticks before so this is not a completely new brand to me but this is my first time trying their eyeshadows. They’ve been making eye shadow singles for a while but I believe this is their […]

  • Making Magic: L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

    Making Magic: L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

    I rarely ever purchase drugstore foundations but when I heard about the L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation I decided to give them another try. I read many reviews from other bloggers saying that it was reminiscent of Armani’s Maestro foundation which I have been lusting over since it came out. L’oreal brand is also […]